The first version of Chakra Darshana is available on Google Play in the European Union!

There is a full version, providing the complete feature set, and a free version for working with praśna and current gocara.

Horoscope page


  • customizable grid of information cells;
  • North Indian and South Indian chart styles;
  • IAST transliteration of Sanskrit terms;
  • basic support for Western terminology;
  • support for GPS and network locations;
  • support for files in Jagannatha Hora 7 format.


  • graha positions in rāśis and nakṣatras;
  • 19 divisional charts from D-2 to D-60;
  • viṃśottarī daśās;
  • upagrahas;
  • special lagnas: bhāva, horā, and ghaṭī lagnas;
  • ārūḍha and upapada lagnas, ārūḍha padas;
  • cara kāraka scheme with 8 grahas;
  • syllables for nakṣatra pādas;
  • samudāya aṣṭakavarga and bhinna aṣṭakavargas for each graha;
  • puṣkara navāṃśa, puṣkara bhāga, mṛtyu bhāga, maraṇa kāraka sthāna;
  • sunrise and sunset, classic lunar months;
  • pañcāṅga elements: vāra, nakṣatra, tithi, karaṇa, yoga;
  • daily muhūrta elements: kāla horā, Abhijit muhūrta, Brahma muhūrta, etc.;
  • and more.

Current limitations

  • no built-in atlas, but manually entered locations are remembered;
  • locations beyond 65 degrees latitude (near polar circles and beyond) are not supported.