Today we would like to share a new feature with you, one that we personally like very much and one that we find very useful in the day-to-day activities - it is the notifications about rāśi and nakṣatra transits. Instead of taking a regular look at the praśna chart to follow the current gocara, you now have the possibility to receive transit notifications automatically:

Rashi and nakshatra transit notifications

Along with this change, the settings screen has gained an additional entry for notifications:

Settings screen

Inside notification settings, you can customize what transits you want to be notified about. By default, it notifies about rāśi and nakṣatra transits for Candra, and rāśi transits for other grahas. When a notification arrives, you will see a small rāśi cakra icon in the notification bar:

Notification settings screen

Want to be notified of other interesting events? Let us know!