This long-awaited release adds two important features that take Chakra Darshana to a whole new level: a built-in atlas with over 45,000 cities in 245 countries and support for automatic time zone detection for a particular date, time, and place. If previously one had to use a third-party application or website to find the coordinates of a given city and its historic time zone offset, then from version 1.4.0 both tasks can be accomplished within Chakra Darshana.

The new atlas functionality is accessible through the globe button that is located beside the GPS and network location button in the archive record form. By clicking on that button and taking a couple of steps to select the necessary country and city, the location and time zone fields are filled in automatically:

Archive record, 1

Atlas countries

Atlas cities

Archive record, 2

Along with this change, there is another improvement in the editing form. Previously, typing in the city field would bring up a list of suggestions based on locations used in the archive. With a large built-in atlas, this is no longer necessary. Therefore, this list of suggestions has been changed to provide a list of recently entered locations instead. Apart from the obvious convenience, this is useful if one needs to regularly use a small city that is not included in the atlas:


For more information on using the atlas and technical details, please see a dedicated page with atlas documentation.