This version introduces one new cell type, “Current gocara”, and several enhancements for the user interface. One of these enhancements is the ability for cells to span multiple rows. This is useful for cells that provide long lists of information, like “Kāla horās” and “Viṃśottarī daśās”. The following screenshot illustrates the “Current gocara” cell type and row spanning for “Viṃśottarī daśās”:

Current gochara and cell spanning

The new “Current gocara” cell type shows the positions of the navagrahas at the present moment. Please note that it does not include a lagna, so the first bhāva in the “Current gocara” cell in North Indian style will have the lagna rāśi from the main horoscope:

Current gochara in North Indian style

This cell type is available as the last entry in the “General information” group in the cell type picker. Note that if you start using this new cell type, it may take a bit longer for the horoscope to compute. For cells that have a new overflow icon, it is now possible to choose a custom size, which may be different from the default 1x1:

Selecting cell size

In previous versions, Chakra Darshana would choose a grid size that it thought optimal and there was no way to change it. However, different mobile phones and tablets have different screen dimensions, and the chosen grid size, while absolutely perfect in most situations, might not have been the best one in a particular case. Therefore, it is now possible to select a grid size manually. In addition to that, there is also a new setting for the number of pages:

Grid size and page count settings

For instance, if the default grid size of 2x3 on mobile phones only fits well with a small font that is hard to read, it is now possible to set a 1x2 grid with a large font, compensating for reduced cell count with a larger number of pages (up to a maximum of 10):

Selecting a smaller grid size