Recently, we have received a couple of requests to add support for additional ayanāṃśas and the choice of mean nodes for calculating Rāhu and Ketu. This release adds both of these options and polishes features introduced last month in the previous version.

Two new settings were introduced in “Calculation settings” section for choosing the preferred ayanāṃśa (default is “Traditional Lahiri”) and for choosing between true and mean nodes (default is true nodes):

Calculation settings

At this point, the following ayanāṃśas are supported: Traditional Lahiri, J. N. Bhasin, K. S. Krishnamurti, B. V. Raman, Sri Yukteswar. Support for ayanāṃśas that are based on fixed stars (e.g., True Chitrapaksha ayanāṃśa) is a work in progress.

Version 2.1.0 added bhāva indexes to South Indian charts. However, sometimes it may be useful to omit these indexes (for instance, when calculating bhāvas from a graha or rāśi different from lagna). Therefore, there is now a new setting in “Display settings” section for taking these indexes off:

Display settings

Finally, if you noticed an issue with transit notifications into Aśvinī nakṣatra around March 1 after upgrading to version 2.1.0 (these notifications were missing), this issue should now be fixed.