In response to feedback from our dear users, this minor version adds two new features: the ability to select ārūḍha pada calculation method without exceptions and three special lagnas: varṇada, indu, and śrī. For the first feature, there is now a new setting in the calculation section that allows to choose whether exceptions should be performed or not (note that the default is with exceptions):

Arudha pada setting

This setting can have a significant effect on the outcome. For instance, in the example below (with exceptions on the left and without exceptions on the right), both ārūḍha lagna (A1) and upapada lagna (A12) change their rāśis:

Arudha pada methods

For the second feature, three new lagnas (highlighted in the following screenshot) have been added to the “Special lagnas” cell type. Note that ārūḍha lagna and upapada lagna are also present, so the new setting will affect this cell type, too:

New special lagnas

Along with this development, we have also added documentation on ārūḍha pada and varṇada lagna calculation.