Chakra Darshana stores its archive records in the ChakraDarshana/archive directory on external storage (e.g., a large built-in storage or an SD card). If external storage is not available, it stores the archive records on internal storage (one that is usually not accessible from the outside), but tries to move them from internal storage to external whenever possible:

Archive record directory

The archive record format used by Chakra Darshana is the common XML format. These files can be manually backed up and shared between installations.

In addition to its native format, Chakra Darshana supports files in Jagannatha Hora 7, 8 format and Parashara’s Light XML format. If you have an existing archive in these formats, simply copy the corresponding files into ChakraDarshana/archive directory or one of its subdirectories, and they should be recognized by Chakra Darshana in read-only mode.

Since the number of archive records may grow significantly over time, Chakra Darshana provides the convenient archive search feature:

Archive search

It takes all words in the query string and searches for them in name and city fields in a case-insensitive manner. In the example above, “Swami” is found in the name and “India” is found in the city field. This allows to quickly find the archive record you are looking for.