Research introduction

Software for Jyotiṣa, Vedic astrology, should implement calculations as described in classic texts.

Unfortunately, as we shall see in this section on calculations, there are many calculations for which there is no single view in the modern world on how they should be performed. In order to try to resolve these ambiguities and to document whether different opinions have any backing in classic texts or profound works on Jyotiṣa, we try to make our research open with the following goals in mind:

  • to act as a convenient resource on calculations that brings an otherwise disjoint documentation in one place;
  • to allow everyone to verify whether calculations in Chakra Darshana are done in the correct way;
  • to welcome contributions if references to known authoritative sources are found to be missing.

It might be that some ambiguities will not be resolved, so we will have to add a setting to Chakra Darshana that would allow to choose between the possible options. However, in order to reduce confusion, we would like to be conservative in this regard and only add settings that can be substantiated with a reference.

If you would like to have a setting for a particular calculation or if you know of a reference that is not listed in this documentation, we would appreciate your email at together with a reference to an authoritative source.